Trace Forms(2015)

MFA Thesis


Trace Forms is a multimedia dance work that was presented at Urban Arts Space in February 2015. During the creative process, free-writing and visual art directives were used to generate movement material among a cast of four female dancers. These tangible artifacts cultivated during the rehearsal process were shown in the gallery space—taking the form of installation, visual art, video, and live performance. 

Scribble, a trace(2014)


Scribble, a trace became what I consider to be a prequel to my MFA project, Trace Forms.


The creative process involved drawing, painting, and improvising, which left tangible traces of our collective research. I began by giving simple art directives as warm-ups, followed by an open movement response. Then, I led drawing or painting prompts that were used to compose material.
























As we became more familiar with this mode of working, I introduced authentic movement into rehearsals which we then used to develop movement scores. Near the end of the process, I experimented with alternative ways of improvising with eyes closed by adding partnering and visualization. The result was what I called “blind scribble duets.” These duets negotiated the role of the medium: the body as material, and the artist: the dancer “scribbling” through active touch with her partner. Each duet found a way of relating to one another, which was documented through reflective drawings.

From top left to right: Volcano by Maddie Leonard-Rose; Half by Elyse Dakin; A Ball of Space by Mel Mark; Four Circles by Lily Kane; New Girl by Elyse Dakin; Orbit by Megan Davis; Twisted Spine by Mel Mark; Jellyfish Fields by Mel Mark; Stuck by Elyse Dakin; Dragon’s Egg, Flower Growing Smoke, and Blueberries by Lily Kane; 3 by Maddie Leonard Rose; Sunday Afternoon by Lily Kane.