MFA in Dance, The Ohio State University                                                             May 2015

Graduate Teaching Associate                                                                       

Columbus, OH       

Thesis Committee: Candace Feck, Department of Dance

                  Norah Zuniga-Shaw, Department of Dance

Studied With: Melanie Bales, Candace Feck, Meghan Durham-Wall, Susan Hadley,

Bebe Miller, Mitchell Rose, and Norah Zuniga Shaw



BA in Art Therapy and Dance, Springfield College                                                    May 2012

Summa Cum Laude                                                                                    Springfield, MA         

Studied with: Cynthia Nazzaro, Kellie Ann Lynch, Fritha Pengelly,

Crystal Gipe Nilsson, Michelle Marroquin, and Amelia Ender





Teaching Excellence, Albuquerque, NM                                                                    2017

NDI New Mexico

Reformer 3 Training, Cleveland, OH                                                                      2017

Balanced Body

Instructor: Troy McCarty

Mat 2 Training, Cleveland, OH                                                                           2017

Balanced Body

Instructor: Troy McCarty

Anatomy in Three Dimensions Training, Cincinnati, OH                                                    2017

Balanced Body

Instructor: Nico Gonzalez

Reformer 2 Training, Cleveland, OH                                                                      2016

Balanced Body

Instructor: Troy McCarty

Mat 1 Training, Cleveland, OH                                                                           2016

Balanced Body

Instructor: Troy McCarty

Reformer 1 Training, Columbus, OH                                                                       2015 Balanced Body

Instructor: Nico Gonzalez


Bates Summer Dance Festival, Lewiston, ME                                                               2014

Work Study Scholarship in Videography                                                                       Instructors: Chris Aiken, Jennifer Nugent, and Shonach Mirk-Robles


Bates Summer Dance Festival,Lewiston,ME                                                                 2010

Instructors: Heidi Henderson, Rachel List, Cynthia Oliver, Omar Carrum,

Erin Owen, and Eddie Taketa


American College Dance Festival Association                                                                 New England Regional Conference                                                                    2009-2012 East-Central Regional Conference                                                                        2013









BalletMet Academy

Trainee Modern and Composition, Modern 7, Mat Pilates

Fall 2016-present


Momentum: Excellence at the Speed of Dance

20 and 30-Week Residencies with Columbus and Hilliard City Schools

Momentum University Summer Program

Chance to Dance Program

Summer 2016-present

Teaching Artist

OhioDance Residency with Center For Balanced Living

Worthington, OH

Spring 2016-present

Modern Technique

Columbus Modern Dance Company (CoMo)

Company Class and Adult Open-Level Modern Class

Fall 2016-2018

Teaching Artist

Dance Residency for integrated Pre-K classrooms

VSA Ohio’s Adaptation, Integration, and the Arts Program

Fall 2015-2018

Contemporary Master Class

OhioDance Festival

Spring 2016, 2017, 2018


Ballet for Every Body

Weekly Open-level adult class 

Core Poetry

June 2015-April 2016


Major Master Classes

Contemporary Technique

The Ohio State University, Department of Dance

Fall 2014, Spring 2015


Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Contemporary Technique Classes

Drop-In Summer Classes held three times a week

Burlington Dances, Burlington, Vermont

June-August 2011


Contemporary Technique Master Class

Undergraduate level open to Dance Majors                                                                 Springfield College, Department of Dance

Fall 2011                                                                                              



Modern 1

Wittenberg University, Department of Theatre and Dance

Fall 2017

Modern 1

Columbus State, Hosted by BalletMet

Fall 2017, Spring 2018 

Guest Artist

Dance Documentation, Guest Lecture

Denison University, Department of Dance

Spring 2017


Ballet Technique I

Non-Major course

The Ohio State University, Department of Dance

Spring 2015 


Contemporary Technique I

Non-Major course, 20-30 students

The Ohio State University, Department of Dance

Spring 2014, Fall 2014


Writing about Dance: Teaching Assistant (Instructor: Melanie Bales)

Honors Level General Education course, 20 students

The Ohio State University, Department of Dance

Spring 2015


Writing about Dance: Teaching Assistant (Instructor: Michael Morris)

General Education course, 25 students

The Ohio State University, Department of Dance

Fall 2014 


Contemporary Technique

Substitute teacher for Major Classes

The Ohio State University, Department of Dance

Fall 2014-Spring 2015

Contemporary for Majors Directed Teaching (Instructor: Ann Sofie Clemmensen)

Freshman Major Technique, 35 students

Developed pedagogy strategies, led exercises, and taught full classes at the end of the semester

The Ohio State University, Department of Dance          

Fall 2013



OhioDance Virtual Dance Collection Videographer & Editor

Fall 2016-present

Traveled to numerous Ohio cities to film interviews of VDC honorees, Edited videos for the Collection

Ohio Dance Videographer

Spring 2014-present

Document Ohio Dance Festival and Community meetings

Edit footage to be used for promotional and archival material


Graduate Associate in Dance Documentation

Fall 2013-Spring 2014

Filmed all Department Concerts and Assisted in Footage Archival


Bates Dance Festival Work Study Intern in Videography

Mentors: Peter Richards and Lindsay LaPointe

Summer 2014

Filmed and edited short clips about students’ experiences during the Professional Training Program


Freelance Dance Videographer


Select work:

CDA (Columbus Dance Alliance) Wex Works #1

Wexner Center, Columbus, OH

June 2018

Denison Fall Dance Concert

Here Is and Is Where

Denison University, Granville, OH

November 2016


Reelabilities Film Festival

VSA Ohio, Columbus

September 2015


Taking Back the Short End, Paige Phillips and Abby Zbikowski                                             Skylab Gallery, Columbus, OH

April 2014


Ten Tiny Performances, local performing artists including: Bebe Miller, Paige Phillips,

Abby Zbikowski,and Harmony Bench  

Garden Theater, Columbus, OH

January 25, 2014


Floating City, Kristina Isabelle Dance Company  

Riffe Studio Theatre, Riffe Center, Columbus, OH

December 3, 2013




Pilates and Barre Instructor                                                                            2016

Jewish Community Center, Columbus, OH

  • Pilates Group Reformer, Private Sessions, Pilates Mat, and Barre instructor


Pilates Instructor                                                                                      2015

Core Poetry, Columbus OH

  • Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor, Small group and One-on-One Sessions


Instructor, Choreographer, Rehearsal Director, Administrator                                            2011

Burlington Dances, Burlington Vermont

  • Involved in artistic and business production of two dance performances: Global Water Dances, an international site-specific performance advocating water preservation, and UnRavel, Burlington Dances’ own local variety production

  • Choreographed, performed, and led rehearsals for Global Water Dances and UnRavel

  • Coordinated and performed in a lecture demonstration, Delsarte in Action, with Delsarte scholars Joe Williams and Franck Waille

  • Administrative duties including client accounts, studio maintenance, and public relations





Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson Professional Development & Research Grant                                   2018

Presenter at the National Dance Education Organization Conference, San Diego, CA

 Greater Columbus Arts Council

Artists in the Community Performing Arts Grant                                                          2017

Travel Support for Seattle Sea-Bus collaboration, Indigo

Greater Columbus Arts Council

Alumni Grants for Graduate Research and Scholarship                                                     2014

The Ohio State University 


Coca Cola Critical Difference for Women Grant                                                           2014 Research on Women, Gender, and Gender Equity                     

The Ohio State University


Student Funding Initiative                                                                     2013 and 2014 Recipient of a small grant from The Department of Dance for creative research

Karen A. Bell Dance Fund (Fall 2013, Spring 2014)

Vera J. Blaine Special Projects Fund (Fall 2014)

Department of Dance, The Ohio State University


Small Research Grant                                                                                    2014 Arts & Humanities Graduate Research Program

The Ohio State University


President’s Achiever’s Award                                                                       2008-2012

Springfield College


P.E.O.’s Janet E. Griswold Memorial Scholarship                                                    2008-2012

Oswego, NY





2017     Yamabiko *

         Collaboration with Megan Yankee

         Sound Design by John Osburn

         Ten Tiny Dance, 400 W Rich, Columbus, OH


2016     hold the line (duet)*

         Collaboration with Megan Yankee

         Original music composition by John Osburn

         Big River Dance Festival, Huntington, WV

2015     Trace Forms (quintet) 

         Multi-media Performance and Installation 

         Urban Arts Space, Columbus, OH


2014     Scribble, a trace (quintet)                                                                                  Barnett Theater, Columbus, OH


2012     Pathways(trio)*                                                                                              Appleton Auditorium, Springfield, MA                                                                                                      

2011     Space in Airways(Reconstructed)*                                                                            Burlington Dances, Burlington, VT


2011     Space in Airways                                                                                             Appleton Auditorium, Springfield, MA


2010     Asleep on the Hill                                                                                          Appleton Auditorium, Springfield, MA                                         


[*] Indicates performed in own choreography



2018    The Clearing

        Choreography by Leslie Dworkin

        Area Choreographers Festival, Aronoff Center, Cincinnati, OH

2017    Loom

        An Evening-Length Improvisational Dance Performance, Live Music by Elijah Palnik 

        Art of Yoga, MadLab, Flux & Flow, Columbus, OH

2017    Indigo


        An Evening-Length Improvisational Dance Performance for 12

        Velocity Dance Center, Seattle, WA

2017    Playher

         Choreography by Josh Hines

         Ten Tiny Dances, 400 W Rich, Columbus, OH

2017     Time In

         Choreography by Nicole Garlando

         Columbus Cultural Arts Center, Columbus, OH

2016     Torrence 6-36-86

         Site-Specific House Project, Directed by Rashana Perks Smith, Choreography by Megan Yankee

         Columbus, OH

2016     Hivemind

         Choreography by Christina Providence

         Ten Tiny Dances, Garden Theater, Columbus, OH

2016     bodybodybodybodybodybodybodybodybodybody

         Choreography by Rachel Freeburg

         Urban Arts Space, Columbus, OH


2014     New Lucy

         Choreography by Susan Rethorst          

         Riffe Capitol Theater, Columbus, OH


2014     Why do the Birds Keep on Singing?

         Choreography by Paige Philips

         Barnett Theater, Columbus, OH


2014     Bloom

         Drums Downtown X                                                                                            Choreography by Melanie Bales

         Riffe Capitol Theater, Columbus, OH


2013     Cornering A Hare                                                                                             Choreography by Paige Phillips

         Urban Arts Space, Columbus, OH


2013     Floating Field                                                                                              Site-Specific work by Tamara Carrasco

         Spring Dance Fesitval: Site-Specific Works

         The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH


2013     Illuminate                                                                                                   Choreography by Mihwa Koo

         Winter Concert

         The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH


2012     Commonplace (1997)                                                                                          Choreography by Susan Hadley

         Dance Uptown                                                             

         Mershon Auditiorium, Columbus, OH


2011     Rosie (1988)

         Choreography by Lucille Dyer

         Burlington Dances, Burlington, VT


2011     Piece of Mind                                                                                               Choreography by Crystal Gipe Nilsson

         Appleton Auditorium, Springfield, MA


2011     Orbits                                                                                                       Choreography by Fritha Pengelly

         Appleton Auditorium, Springfield, MA


2010     Bare Bones                                                                                                   Choreography by Cynthia Nazzaro

         Appleton Auditorium, Springfield, MA


2010     La Llorana                                                                                                   Choreography by Michelle Marroquin

         Appleton Auditorium, Springfield, MA


2010     Keeping Ties                                                                                                 Choreography by Nicole Kedaroe

         Appleton Auditorium, Springfield, MA


2009     Etude                                                                                                       Reconstruction by Kristin Foote of Jose Limon’s Choreography

         Appleton Auditorium, Springfield, MA


2009     Gnossienne (1919)                                                                                            Choreography by Ted Shawn

         Reconstructed by Jacob’s Pillow and Springfield College

         Appleton Auditorium, Springfield, MA


2009     Sibling Revelry                                                                                             Choreography by Cynthia Nazzaro

         Appleton Auditorium, Springfield, MA


2008     Dance-Art-Dance                                                                                             Site-Specific work by Cynthia Nazzaro,

         Opening of visual artist Holly Murray’s exhibition, Endangered Species

         Springfield Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA




2013     Portrait, Remembered                                                                                        Urban Arts Space, Columbus OH                                                                     


2012     Surface                                                                                                      The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH


2012     Landmark                                                                                                     Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, OH